the benefits of food supplements

For several years now, with the growing popularity of alternative medicines, the French have been consuming more and more food supplements. Made up of precious active ingredients from nature with multiple benefits for your physical and mental well-being, they have everything to seduce you!


Loss of energy? Stiffness, joint or muscle blockages? To remedy a poorly diversified diet that is no longer sufficient to provide us with all the nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis, we are increasingly resorting to supplements.

Because vitamin D and iron deficiency is often the main cause of anaemia, itself responsible for chronic fatigue and bone degeneration, and because anti-oxidants and omega-3s can make up for a low intake of vitamin B12 to reduce the risk of macular degeneration, food supplements can be a valuable help.

Real cocktails of vitamins and minerals, the doses are commercialised in the form of capsules, tablets or ampoules to help the body regain its vitality.

In the United Kingdom, there is an increasing trend towards the consumption of food supplements, these prodigious cocktails based on natural active ingredients to compensate for the deficiencies from a diet depleted in nutrients essential for the balance of the human body.


Do you want to strengthen your immune system? Do you need to reconstitute your intestinal flora or are you looking for a slimming aid to slim down your figure? Food supplements are a natural solution to all your daily needs!

Stimulate your venous tonus thanks to the virtues of red vine and ginkgo biloba and combat eye fatigue or reduced vision with bilberry and lutein. Difficulty falling asleep, anxiety and stress… regulate your sleep cycles with the soothing properties of passionflower, lemon balm or hawthorn.

Supplements allow you to face the changes of season with peace of mind, as well as to improve your comfort and mobility over time. On a one-off basis or as part of a cure to prevent, slow down or relieve chronic pain, supplementation is sometimes necessary to avoid deficiencies, but above all to regain vitality on a daily basis.

From memory disorders to strengthening the immune system to prevent winter ailments… whether you want to boost your vitality, stimulate your mobility or preserve your health, the benefits are all in the nature!

Boosts with no health risks

Although food supplements provide many benefits to the body, it is important to be aware that supplementation is not a substitute for medical treatment. Not only should the daily dose be respected, but it is also strongly recommended to avoid simultaneous courses of treatment.

Indeed, a bad combination of additives or an overdose can cause unwanted imbalances. Moreover, some natural active ingredients are not recommended for smokers and pregnant women. Hence the need to adopt a personalised consumption according to one’s eating habits and lifestyle.

Although food supplements are not medicines, the health claims made on product labels are strictly regulated by European law. It is therefore important to be more vigilant about the origin, manufacturing processes and, above all, the doses of these nutritional supplements.

The launch of food supplements over the counter is questioning the risks of consuming them without a medical prescription, despite the proven effectiveness of these natural solutions, which are subject to European regulations.